Thai-Malay court interpreters

20 Thai students trained as court interpreters in Malaysia

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Thai-Malay court interpreters

Thai-Malay court interpreters received their certificates of completion for court interpreter training in Malaysia on July 2, 2019.

Rutch Soratana, minister and deputy head chief of mission of the Royal Thai Embassy, Kuala Lumpur, and Puan Hasbi Bin Hasan, registrar of the High Court of Malaya, presided over the certificate presentation ceremony to 20 Thai students who received training to become court interpreters in Malaysia.

The actual training took place on April 25-29, 2019 under the collaboration of the Royal Thai Embassy in Kuala Lumpur and the Office of the Chief Registrar of the Federal Court of Malaysia and the Malaysian Institute of Translation & Books.

Thai-Malay court interpreters

The training was aimed at adding more Thai-Malay-language court interpreters in the courts of Malaysia as the shortage causes long delays in the cases of Thai suspects before they move to other processes in courts.

The court interpreters who have been trained will perform their duties mainly during the court proceedings and receive pays from Malaysian courts.

Also, the training was held to give the students the opportunity to develop their Thai-Malay language skills and experience being a court interpreter. Most of the students were from the Thailand-Malaysia border.  

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