Hire a perfect interpreter for business

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How to hire a perfect interpreter for your business

If your business is looking for interpreter services for the first time, there many things to consider.

Screen your interpreter

When doing businesses with foreign partners or customers, you need a professional interpreter with superb language skills. Vetting candidates can be time consuming, especially when you don’t speak other languages. However, using the interpreter recruiting services is a good move as they will vet their interpreters thoroughly before allowing them anywhere near your businesses.

Looking for specialist knowledge

If you work in the sector where lots of jargons are used, it is worth to look for an interpreter who is familiar with your industry such as legal, medical, conference, construction or international trade. Your businesses need someone with the right knowledge and experiences to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Contact an agency to look for professional interpreter who is familiar with your industry will help a lot as an agency will keep track of their interpreter’s particular areas of expertise. An

agency can quickly tell you whether or not they have the right person for the job.

Please bear in mind that interpreters who provide specialist knowledge as part of their work can cost more than those providing a more general service. Therefore, prepare your budget to ensure that the linguist you hire has the right set of skills for the work at hand.

Understand your interpretation needs

Different scenarios call for different kinds of interpretation. If you’re in a business meeting and need an interpreter to translate for the attendees, it’s consecutive interpretation that you need. If you are delivering a conference and need some to translate the speaker’s words for delegates to listen to through headsets, you need simulations or conference interpretation.

Therefore, understand your own needs in order to hire the right kind of interpreter to meet them.   

Interpreters should know more than just language skills

It is important that your interpreter is fluent in the two languages that you need them to translate. Nevertheless, knowing language is not the only consideration. If you are going to need an interpreter on multiple occasions, make sure to hire someone who has the flexibility to fit in with your needs. It’s
also important to use an interpreter that you are ok with. After all, a personable interpreter who can make all those present feels at ease can be real asset during a business meeting.

Pay attention to quality assessment

There are many ways that you can assess the quality of your interpreter. Before hiring an interpreter, make sure that you read online testimonials and reviews about the service the interpreter provides, or the agency provides. What do their former clients flag up as their best skills? Are there any areas of weakness mentioned? It’s worth checking out their Facebook business page and LinkedIn profile as well. It never hurts to be thorough when it comes to quality assessment.

As an employer, it is important to understand that, hiring them an on-going basis, you listen closely to your interpreter’s use of language, particularly when it comes to mentioning any specialist phrases that are relevant to your industry.

Remember that poor interpretation can lead to misunderstandings, which can have major consequences in a business setting. The right interpreter can help you meet your business goals and make global connections. Follow the tips above to ensure that you hire the person who best meets your interpretation needs.

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