court interpreters in Thailand

COJ organizes training for court interpreters

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Court interpreters in Thailand

The Office of International Affairs under the Court of Justice (COJ) organized a training for court interpreters at Bangkok North Municipal Court on August 5-7, 2019.

The training is aimed at adding more interpreting skills for existing court interpreters so that they can work efficiently and effectively.

With the increasing number of court cases that involve foreigners in the kingdom, court interpreters are very important to be part of the judicial system through their interpreting to assist foreign victims, suspects, and defendants.  

The interpreters who attended the training were previously selected by judges in the training program.

During the training, various knowledge and information were added such as interpreters’ new rates per hour, traveling expenses, and accommodation expenses. 

In addition, knowledge in regards to criminal law for interpreters, legal English for interpreters, knowledge about the judicial proceedings and criminal procedures for interpreters, rights, duties, and etiquette for court interpreters and the importance of court interpreters in criminal procedures, and preparation before performing as court interpreters were discussed. 

The following are court interpreters who attended the training and are listed as court interpreters (General Type) at the Office of International Affairs under the Court of Justice (COJ) this year.

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For more information, please contact:

Office of International Affairs

Standby-court Interpreters and Translation Division

Tel: 0251 28475, 02541 2862

Tel: 02541 2284-91 ต่อ 1203

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