Advanced Legal Interpreting Techniques

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Advanced Interpreting Techniques in Civil and Criminal Matters

Pre-requisite: Successful Completion of Interpreting Criminal Proceedings

This course includes legal terminology and offenses corresponding to federal court. Indictments, superseding indictments, federal plea agreements, racketeering, inside trading, interstate shipment, drug trafficking, trademarks, copyrights, corporate law and probate are some of the documents and cases included in this course.

Expert witness testimony in weapons, firearms, bladed weapons, typewriters, DNA, fingerprints, and drugs are also part of this course. Consecutive techniques leading to segments of 120 terms are introduced. Simultaneous techniques leading to a speed of 200 words per minute, including simultaneous practices of expert witness testimony, are also introduced in this course.


The course consists of 8 hours of instruction, quizzes and examination

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Southeast Asian Association of Professional Translators and Interpreters

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