Court Interpreter Association

SEA Association of Professional Translators and Interpreters (SEA - ProTI)

We promote and empower ethical and professional translators and interpreters in all languages in ASEAN and beyond

The SEA Association of Professional
Translators and Interpreters (SEA – ProTI)

has been established by a group of professional language mediators and facilitators as a vehicle for promoting ethical and professional practices in Southeast Asia and beyond.

SEA – ProTI is legally established in September 2019 in Bangkok (Thailand) with its office in the same city.

SEA – ProTI is open to all professional translators and interpreters who wish to join it worldwide. Its objectives include the following:

  1. To promote ethical practices in the field of linguistic translation and interpretation
  2. To represent and protect the interests of its Members, who shall be Translators and Interpreters in professional specialties
  3. To stimulate the creation of institutional bonds with other associations and public entities, both foreign and domestic, in defense of the Translating and Interpreting profession.
  4. To contribute to the training, specialization and professional development of Translators and Interpreters, by means of professional training activities and academic dissemination, such as the organization of congresses, seminars and meetings, and through the issuing of publications and the development of academic activities, etc.
  5. To be in the attendance, in the person of its Representatives, at the Government House, at the Parliament, events and meetings relating to linguistic translation and interpretation.
  6. To issue public opinions on subjects related to and surrounding translation and interpretation activities
  7. To establish personal, postal, electronic, telephone and/or any other types of communications linking with Members of the Association so as to permit constant interaction on professional and social issues
  8. To advance general knowledge regarding the task of Translators and Interpreters

Code of Ethics

The aim of this Code of Ethics is to establish the minimal professional standards of good practice expected from the members of the SEA Association of Professional Translators and Interpreters (SEA – ProTI). All provisions herein are oriented toward promotion of and respect for the purposes of the Association, as stated in its Bylaws.

General Duties
It shall be the basic duty of every member to:
1.1. Comply with any and all obligations arising from the Bylaws, regulations and any resolutions adopted by the Association’s bodies.
1.2. Refrain from any and all sorts of conduct that might in any way harm or undermine IAPTI’s interests.
1.3. Exercise the translating and interpreting professions on the basis of good faith, which encompasses, principally, the duties included in the following articles.

2. Duties Related to the Performance of Professional Activities
All members shall: 
2.1. Carry out translating or interpreting tasks thoroughly and responsibly.
2.2. Only accept jobs for which they are able to guarantee a proper standard of quality to their clients.
2.3. Keep up-to-date and well informed with regard to

everything that has to do with the proper performance of their profession.
2.4. Not take part in practices that might favor actions which are detrimental to the public interest, the law or the interests of their profession.
2.5. Respect confidentiality with regard to any and all materials received from their clients. This shall be taken to mean not disclosing any part thereof without permission from the client and not making use thereof in benefit or to the detriment of themselves or third parties, except in cases in which disclosure of such information becomes unavoidable by reason of force majeure.

3. Duties Related to the Protection and Promotion of the Translating and Interpreting Professions
All members shall: 
3.1. Enforce and defend the right to receive pay that permits their profession to be practiced in a decent and effective manner.
3.2. Abstain from taking part in any action whatsoever that might undermine their self-respect or the standing of their profession.
3.3. Contribute to upholding the good standing of their profession by means of offering services of the highest possible standards.
3.4. Not favor unfair competition by offering or accepting fees below those generally considered to be proper and fair in the market where they practice their profession.
3.5. Neither offer nor accept jobs that are improper in terms of deadline, environment or method.
3.6. In cases in which they render free services to non-profit organizations, apply themselves as if such services were a paid job. Furthermore, inform the non-profit organization benefiting from these free services of the proper market value of the job performed.
3.7. When mentioning a connection with SEA – ProTI (whether as a member or as an officer) or including the Association’s logo or motto in advertising their services, avoid doing so in such a way that may be detrimental to the Association’s good name. The use of such information shall be discontinued upon termination of membership.
3.8. Report to the Good Practices Commission of the association or to any other relevant organization on any colleague whose conduct appears to be detrimental to the profession and, furthermore, contribute toward the investigation into such conduct.

4. Duties Related to Relationships Among Colleagues
All members shall:
4.1. Be respectful of colleagues and of their work.
4.2. Not seek to gain colleagues’ clients by offering excessively low fees or by any sort of action carried out in bad faith.
4.3. Refrain from making statements that might undeservedly undermine the reputation of colleagues in terms of their competence, standing, good conduct or manner of practicing their profession.
4.4. Offer any and all cooperation within their possibilities to their colleagues, especially to those of lesser experience.
4.5. In the event of hiring another translator or interpreter as an employee or independent collaborator, guarantee that person proper contract conditions and fair pay, in accordance with the work carried out, and, moreover, respect the conditions agreed to and fully abide by them.

Becoming a member implies acceptance of this Code of Ethics and commitment to fully respect it in practicing the translating and interpreting professions.

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